Thursday, June 17, 2010

Lovely Lily

I feel like Lily often falls through the cracks and I'd like to take a minute to acknowledge her. We admittedly spend a lot of our time and energy on Drew, and Ella dare not let you forget that shes around, so Lily is the one who seems to get pushed aside until a set of hands are free.

Lily has a personality all her own. I believe she will be my diva. Shes got the most crystal blue eyes you'll ever see. They look like glass. They are so beautiful. Her smile can make the worst moments turn around. She was with us at the hospital when we had to take Drew in for surgery, and she just smiled and smiled at me while we waited for the doctor to tell us everything went well. She got me through.

Lily has cheeks so chubby that they appear as though they will burst when she smiles, but that makes her even cuter. Her thighs match (cute now, but hope they change as she enters adolescence).

Lily will already mimic different sounds that you make. I will often hold her on my lap and coo and goo at her and she smiles and repeats the sounds, and squeals with delight. Shes so strong, holding her head up so well, and pushing up off the ground. She will be rolling over in no time.

I wonder what Lily will look like in a year. Her hair seems to have a red undertone, but Ella was born with black hair and look at her now. She does look an awful lot like Ella, I just don't imagine another Ella, I imagine a Lily.

Lily loves being held. She loves to walk or rock or bounce, and she loves being sang to. And lucky for her, I love holding her.

Lily has her moments, but don't we all! Shes a precious little thing with a smile that lights up my world and I wanted to acknowledge her. Here's to you, Lovely Lily Grace! Love you!


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  2. I love Lily Grace too!! I miss you all!!

  3. Erin, you and Martin sure make some A-dorable kids!! So glad you all were able to go to Chris and Sandi's party on Saturday - they were so happy you came!

  4. I can't wait until Lily is older so I can help cultivate her flair for the dramatics!