Tuesday, April 19, 2011

IV Antibiotics

Drew started Tobi again on April 2 as our second attempt to eradicate his pseudomonas. Similarly to his last Tobi treatment, almost immediately after starting it he started sounding worse. I took him in to the doctor yesterday, almost 2 weeks in to his treatments, and they decided that perhaps IV treatment was a better option for us. Given the complexities of his airways, they just can't be sure that he's getting the appropriate amount of the inhaled antibiotic, and with his age, IV antibiotic to aggressively treat and eradicate the pseudomonas is our best option. So tomorrow morning we're heading to Children's to get a PICC line, and the training from the home care team on how to administer the drugs from home because I was adamant about not being put in the hospital. First of all, he was in the hospital last year for Easter. Second, there is nothing good about being in the hospital. In my opinion, as I've stated before, he needs 4 things to get better - IV antibiotics, airway clearance, good nutrition and rest. If we can satisfy all of that from home, we are good. And we can. So after he gets the PICC tomorrow, we will get trained by home care nurses and hopefully be able to bring him home and do all of this from the comfort of our living room. The only thing that would put a wrench in my plan is if they are unable to place the PICC. He will be awake for it and they will pin him down the best they can, but if they are just unable to do it because he gets to worked up or is moving to much, they will need to admit him and have him sedated to get the line placed. Lets hope the plan goes the way its supposed it. The antibiotic will run every 8 hours for 2 weeks, and in all likelihood will get rid of his pseudomonas and whatever other bacteria he has thats causing him breathing trouble. Our fingers are crossed. If you could kindly cross your and pray for a festivus miracle (or Easter miracle I suppose) we would certainly appreciate it. More to come...

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