Monday, October 17, 2011

My problem child

Its been a long time since I've been on the blog. Mostly because I've been otherwise occupied or sleeping. The other reason is that health here has been good, so no drama to blog about other than Lily trying my patience these days. We had to call Poison Control when she got a hold of a tube of toothpaste and consumed an undetermined amount. She plays in the toilet regularly, and when she gets caught she has usually unrolled half a roll of toilet paper while she's at it. We bought cream colored couches long before kids were even a twinkle in our eye. To our surprise, they had remained pretty clean...until Lily discovered she can open the drawer where the crayons are. There is pen and crayon all over many different parts of the house. I like to think it adds to the eclectic feel of the house, but who am I kidding. Its really a problem that she has got the most beautiful blue eyes, and a smile and hug that will melt your heart, because she is just so so bad. You may think I sit around with my feet up allowing her to do all of this, but truth be told, when the kids outnumber the caregivers, its hard to keep tabs on everyone at every moment. Things should get even more interesting in March when Quatro arrives. But man, she's really freakin' cute, and I just love her to pieces.

There are a couple of big CF fundraisers coming up, and we're looking for auction items. If anyone who reads this provides some type of service (photography for example) or makes something (art, clothing, toys) and wants to donate something for any of these events, we'd gladly accept. Gift certificates are always awesome, or other fun products from small companies always make great gifts too (Tupperware, Pampered Chef, Stella & Dot, Tastefully Simple, etc). Shoot me an email if you have something to offer. We need things no later than Nov.1 to get into the Celebrity Waiters fundraiser. Anything received after that can be used for other fundraising events.

If you're in Cincinnati and care to attend Run Like Hell on Oct. 28th or Celebrity waiters on Nov.17, CLICK HERE for more info.

Drew has a clinic visit next week, so we'll have more to write about on his health. I'll hopefully get to see his wonderful CT scan, and I'm sure we'll discuss what to do if he needs inhaled antibiotics again since he doesn't seem to tolerate them. We'll also get a culture. Please cross your fingers that the pseudomonas is gone [and that it never comes back]. I'm off to spend some time outdoors in this fabulous fall weather!

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