Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Hold on to your valuables!

Twelve days before Christmas and all through the house, everyone was grumpy and I had a sore back. I'm not about to break into poem here, just spreading some more holiday cheer. We are ready for a break, a change, something. I am so darn tired with being pregnant and chasing around three lively children all the time. Its way to cold to go outside, and I'm way to tired to try to get them all dressed and bundled to go anywhere. So we play with the same toys everyday. We watch lots of movies. We've tried to be festive with cookie baking and decorating. Our Elf on the Shelf has only been out since Saturday and we've already forgotten to move him...twice. He isn't having the affect that I would like him to be having. I need to make a secret trip to see Santa and give him the skinny on what my kids need to hear from him before I take them there for a visit.

Today I purged in the playroom. Three trashbags full of toys and toy parts and junk and garbage. I was so sick of our house being a constant mess of stuff that I eliminated things they don't play with, things that are missing critical parts, things that aren't toys (my tupperware bowls). I put puzzles back together with their appropriate pieces. The play food is with the play plate and play forks and knives. The trucks are in the truck bin. The guys are in the guy bin. For the first time in a long time there is a sense of organization and it feels good. I don't though. I am tired and I am sore. Its a trade-off I supposed. This was a good trade-off.

The basement has seen better days, but its the basement. We need to get it cleaned up before Christmas but I have, what, 12 days left to do that? No sweat. Yesterday we baked and decorated cookies all afternoon with some friends from school. It was really a fun afternoon. We're giving the preschool teachers some cookies and other little gifts that the girls made. It was a fun afternoon, but by about 7pm I was seriously beat. I laid down at about 9pm and slept until 8am. I wasn't doing any kind of extra hard work, but it seems that anything extra these days takes it out of me. Only 14 more weeks and for some reason in my delusional mind I think thinks will get better. Whats one more kid, right? At least I won't be pregnancy exhausted! Again, I acknowledge my delusional thinking.

I'm going to try to go through some Christmas presents to see what all we have and who we have it for. I think we're done shopping but I need to inventory. Its time for this Santa to get wrapping! Hope everyone is staying jolly jolly!

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