Thursday, January 12, 2012

No Sedation Necessary!

Guess who had a CT scan this morning...without being sedated??? That's right! When we got to the hospital at 6am all ready for sedation for this 2 minute CT scan, the nurse said to me, "Do you think he'll just lay still for it if we wrap him up?" My initial response was probably not, based on past experiences. But homeboy has gotten brave I guess, because we decided to try it, and he laid down on the table and let them wrap him up and brace his head down, all while holding dogdog (his favo toy) and watching Elmo. The scan literally took 3 minutes so it would have been a sin to sedate him for something that quick, but if he was screaming then they certainly wouldn't have been able to get the images they needed. Luckily, he was being agreeable this morning. Probably because he was still half asleep :)

So now we will wait to hear from the doctor on what they found. The most likely scenario seems to be nasal polyps and compacted sinuses. While I don't know the specifics, it sounds like surgery is the fix for that. Hopefully it will be quick and easy, whatever it is, and solve this chronic funky nose problem once and for all!

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