Friday, February 24, 2012

From a restaurant

Tomorrow we are having a little birthday party for the twins. I cannot believe its been two years! I seriously didn't think we would survive. Or they would survive. Or something. And yet we are all in our routine bopping along, mostly happy, incredibly healthy.

Drew had his surgery a week ago, and it was a long Friday, that's for sure. He didn't wake up from anesthesia well, he didn't want to be anywhere but on my shoulder, and you could just tell he was in pain. Fast forward to Saturday morning, when outside of a little bloody nose, you would have no clue he'd had surgery the day before.

In addition to his sinus surgery, he had a bronhoscopy. I mentioned in my previous post how excited everyone was about how clean and healthy his airways looked. I still was prepared for a call this past week letting us know that the culture they took was growing something that would require IV antibiotics. That call, my friends, never came! Instead, I got both a call from the nurse and an email from his doctor, ecstatic that his culture grew nothing. Not even a little staph. He was completely and totally clean, and this all in the middle of the germiest month of the year! We've had dozens of cultures taken and have never ever had one showing no bacteria. His lungs look and sound great, and he's currently bacteria free!

So the party will go on as planned tomorrow. I dropped Ella off at school this morning with the intention of running to CF Foundation to drop something off before heading to Costco, only to
realize once I left that I had left the things for the CF Foundation on my counter. And Costco doesn't open until 10 so I had an hour to kill. I went and had breakfast by myself. I remember the days of seeing folks alone at a restaurant and feeling bad that they didn't have anyone to dine with. I take that back. It was a glorious (and delicious) hour of peace and quiet. I drank my coffee and ate my French toast. I didn't have to wipe any hands or butts or settle any disputes. Just me, at a table, wishing the serenity could last all day. I gotta do this more often!

I ordered our Great Strides T-shirts last night. They will be on sale for $5 with 100% going to the CF Foundation thanks to a generous sponsor picking up the bill. You'll have to wait to see them, but the quote on the back this year is a good one: Stop being afraid of what could go wrong and think of all that could go right!

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