Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Oh heck yeah!!

Just yesterday, someone asked me if I had heard from Ginger.io, my new favorite obsession. Kind of disappointed, I responded that I hadn't. I knew it was a long shot, reaching out to them regarding a job posting that they had put out on Twitter a few weeks ago. I didn't attach a resume, mostly because I didn't have one readily available. They were looking for someone full time, in their Boston office, with flexibility to travel. I wasn't even looking for a job, less a full time one. In case it was unclear, I live in Cincinnati, not Boston. And travel is almost out of the question. Unless someone wants to pay me a shit ton of money. Or even just a little really. But the job listing was so exactly what I want to do, what I can do, what I have been doing...with the CF foundation, our CF clinic and with the C3N project. I have so badly wanted to get Ginger.io into the CF world, and what better way to do it than to put my passion into it as work. So I emailed them, asking if they would be willing to be creative and flexible and told them how right I thought I was for this position. Well, I didn't hear back from them. And just yesterday, when asked if I had heard anything, I had to respond with the reality that perhaps they were looking for something more specific to the job that had posted and it wasn't something that I had, at least not now. Every time my phone dings to let me know there was a new message, I got a little excited hoping that it would be them contacting me, telling me that they wanted me as badly as I wanted them. Well, ladies and gentlemen, I answered a ding today and it was an email from none other than Ginger.io!!! Here's what it said: We've been really impressed by your persistance and enthusiasm for Ginger.io, and would love to set up some time to learn a bit more about you and tell you more about Ginger.io and how we could get you involved." Oh my God! Even if they don't want to or can't hire me at this time, I'm in the door! Hopefully I can find a time to talk to them this week about how we can make something happen. Stay tuned on that. 

This post was going to start out as another bitching to whatever moron forgot to include patients when creating prescriptions plans and insurance policies. I wrote a while ago about how frustrated I was with the prescription refill process I must go through every month. I'm sure many would say that i'm doing something wrong. Perhaps I am, but I'm pretty diligent in crossing my T's and dotting my I's. And still there is this headache every single month. Let me tell you what I'm annoyed about this month. Because, for some god-unknown reason, my insurance will not allow an override to have my Pulmozyme filled at the CF Services pharmacy, I have to get that drug from CVS Caremark specialty. This pharmacy doesn't take our secondary insurance, BCMH, therefore imposing a $30 co-pay monthly for this one drug. Fine, still not terribly annoyed. Why I'm annoyed is because every single month when I go to refill this prescription, I spend 15 minutes on the phone (no big deal if you don't have 4 kids ages 4 and under) at the most inconvenient time (because they call you for the refill, usually around noon, right when I'm trying to wrangle everyone to eat lunch and get dressed before we leave for school at 12:15. It's hard to get 4 kids buckled into carseats with your cell in your ear trying to talk to an automated system who "didn't get that" because the kids are all yelling. Once I finally get through to a person, I have to answer a slue of questions about side effects and changes in his "condition" before they get to the delivery scheduling. They always start by telling me that they are flexible, any day this week will work for delivery. Here's the kicker - they require me to sign for this med, and the UPS guy comes between 9am - 7:30pm. 

I rarely leave the house. If you had this many small children you wouldn't either. It takes me 15min round trip to drop off and then pick up Ella from school. If I miss this delivery, they won't take it to my neighbor (don't ask me why, even with a note stuck to my door if still doesn't make it). They take it back to CVS Caremark and return it. And when I have to call to tell them I missed it, they can't process a re-order because its too soon for a refill. You've got to be kidding me. I'm no rocket scientist but there must be a better way. I have only missed the truck once and the irony was that I was actually at home, just in the basement changing the laundry. When you tell them this, they immediately think that you are lying about having been home. After an hour on the phone and endless managers and loops to jump through, they reschedule your delivery and ask if you will be home this time. I don't care if my house is burning down and my kid has a stick in his eye, we will be here, waiting on the front porch in the rain for this stupid medicine that my kid needs. If you could possibly help a sister out and make this process any easier I would so greatly appreciate it. I dread this process every month. But I'll fight until I can make it easier and better and right, not just for me but for everyone who has to deal with this. Watch out Mr. President, I'll be knocking on your door if I can get that far. Maybe you can fix this. 

Tomorrow is delivery day, so if anyone is looking for me I'll be here, at my house. Except for that 15min race to school and back. And stay tuned for what's next with Ginger.io!!

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