Tuesday, January 14, 2014

10pm Update

When I ranted and raved this afternoon about my frustration with Drew still needing 2 weeks on IVs, I had no idea what our evening held. Drew got home from school and was playing and having fun, acting just like he always does. Around dinner time he wasn't looking like himself - a little pale, tired, not at all interested in eating dinner. He felt warm to me so I took his temp and it was 102.1. When you have a PICC line and you get a fever you go to the ER as there could be a bloodstream infection.
So to the ER we headed where they began to treat him for sepsis. They also drew a lot of blood to run labs to see if there was an infection in his bloodstream or if he has a virus or what is going on. The tests thus far seem to indicate that he doesn't have sepsis or any blood stream infection though we will have final results tomorrow. They also did a viral panel to determine if he has the flu and have begun treating him with Tamiflu. We will know tomorrow if he has the flu and if we will continue that or figure out what is going on. He is sleeping now, finally, though they will wake him at some point soon for a dose of Tamiflu. The poor kid needs some sleep so that sucks. I will try to update the Doin' It For Drew Facebook page as I get any new info. We appreciate all the thoughts and prayers and hope to be out of here and well again soon!

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