Tuesday, February 11, 2014

My perspective

This is my perspective on our life, as described perfectly by blogger Kelle Hampton. I'm sure many mamas (and papas) living in the "chronic condition" world will be able to relate to these words. 

"Being sad and venting is important in acknowledging our feelings, but it’s a very unproductive place for me to stay. I want to focus on solution-based thinking—transforming round holes to square ones when we can. Using resources to change the outcome. Looking around and ripping things off walls, if necessary, to build what we need. We’ll do it because we have to. Because we love our kids, and when you love your kid, there’s no square peg you won’t take on.

And as if fitting a square peg into a round hole wasn’t problem enough, you know what else happened on Apollo 13? They had to conserve power on the shuttle to get it home, so they cut all their resources down. No cabin heaters, no instrument display, no guidance computer, no ground control. No map of where to go and no one to tell them how to do it. Sound familiar? It’s called parenting." 

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