Tuesday, March 24, 2015

What we need most

I'm sure many of you heard that Drew had a rough day today. A routine clinic visit didn't go as planned and he ended up in the hospital for the day getting a PICC line to do 2 weeks of IV antibiotics for a bacteria infection in his lungs that he can't kick. This means strong mediciations administered through a IV in his arm 4 times per day. It means no gymnastics, no swim lessons, no baths. It means hours per day spent sitting and watching TV or playing on the iPad during infusions while his brother and sisters and friends play. It means painful dressing changes and distraction from the simple pleasures of everyday life
Coming home from the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation​ Volunteer Leadership Conference that I attended last week, I believe that a treatment for him is on the way, but we continue to need the support of you all to help us get there. Tomorrow night I am having a Matilda Jane fundraiser at our house from 7-9pm that anyone and everyone is invited to attend. A percentage of all purchases will go to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. If you cannot attend but wish to place an order you can view the catalog online at https://www.matildajaneclothing.com/, add items to a Wish List, and then choose the option "Send to Trunk Keeper" and enter jennybostater@matildajaneclothing.com. Tomorrow is the last day that you can order as the party will close at the end of the night.

What we need most right now is your support. Join us in this fight by making a donation today!

More on today's clinic visit coming soon!


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