Friday, July 29, 2016

Vacation FTW!

This vacation.... You guys, this vacation was the most vacation-y vacation I think I've ever been on. Yes, the kids were there, and yes it was hotter than just about anywhere we've ever been, but the "wake up when you want" and the "walk to the beach in 5" and the "getting in the pool a moment after someone's says 'Hey does anyone wanna go in the pool'"....and it being 85ish in there when you jump in. And I haven't even mentioned the shrimp and grits yet, or the oysters and fried chicken. A day at the spa and having someone rub my feet for an hour. RUB MY FEET FOR AN HOUR!! We're doing puzzles and playing euchre, coloring and crafting and moving at a pace that everyone should try. Clear minds here. There's not a schedule. If you wanna go sightseeing you just do it. And if you wanna go out for breakfast you just go. There's no "we need to get home for..." and there's no answering emails or solving problems because there aren't any problems. I'm reading a book instead of a Facebook feed and checking for the best spot to set up on the beach more than I'm checking email. This is freaking vacation, and I needed this from the bottom of those rubbed feet to the tip of my soul. I'm tan! Like not tan mom tan, but I've definitely been whiter, so this counts. This is cornier than I get, but the refreshment that this week away is bringing to our family after a month of problem solving and worrying and making excuses and trying and hoping - the kind of stress that exacerbates back pain and turns a typically happy family into a tired and confused family - the relief of this vacation has alleviated all of that. We didn't just pack up that worry and stick it on our doorstep to wait for our return, we let it go. We got our answers before we left and we decided to forget about life for a while. There's still treatments and medicines down here, but there's comfort in knowing that his lungs are ok. He's doing ok and we're doing ok. Actually we are doing freaking awesome. Charleston for the win!

That dropping FEV1 is just a number - as he proclaimed with frustration over the weeks of medications and appointments and attempts to get that number to stop dropping and start improving prior to our departure for this magical vacation - and  when we got the results from the bronch and found no bacteria - not even the achromobacter that we've been treating for the past few years - we moved to the other side of worry. As predicted, fungus seems to be the culprit, and an oral anti-fungal medication for the next few months will hopefully help to shift that dial back toward a higher number, but he is well. When we return we will talk to our doctors and make a plan and keep on swimming. For now, I'm putting in a vote for more vacation.

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