Wednesday, July 7, 2010

2010 Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Commemorative Bracelet

As I had mentioned a few weeks ago, we were paired with 3 of the nominees for the Cincinnati Finest Young Professionals Fundraiser. Basically, all nominees are charged with raising at least $2500 for CF and whoever raises the most at the end of 3 months wins the title of Cincinnati's Finest Young Professional.

One of the people that we have been honored to share our story with is a man named Jimi Merk. He is a custom jewelry designer and he has created a stainless steel charm for the CFF Bracelet and will be donating all proceeds to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. The bracelet and charm are available on his website for a $20 donation - jimeyedesigns

Other events that Jimi will be hosting in the Cincinnati area to raise money for CF include
  • The 65 Roses Canoe and Kayak Trip - July 18 - Green Acres Canoe Rentals
  • Caving for Cystic Fibrosis - July 31
  • Masquerade Ball & Art Auction - August 27 - Brylan's Coffee House Cafe' in Newtown
I will post more information about these events as they get closer, or if you are interested in attending any of them and have questions, feel free to email me and I will get you the information that you need.

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  1. By chance are you still selling the bracelets? We purchased one and my husband wears it every day (for a couple years now!) and he just lost the metal CFF clip.