Wednesday, July 7, 2010


I'm so annoyed. Everything I've read and everyone I've talked to related to CF has told me that dealing with insurance is a nightmare. We haven't had any problems...until now. We got a notification in the mail yesterday that told us that Drew's meds weren't being covered by insurance anymore unless we started to use Mail Order. No problem! I'd be happy to get a 90 day supply and not have to worry about it but 4 times a year.

So this morning I called the Mail Order Pharmacy to discuss what I needed with them. On Friday, our CF Clinic sent in a 90 day order for his Creon (enzymes). I was finally able to get a hold of someone today after 4 days of trying to get through, and they apparently never received the script. They said they would call the doctor and get it all sorted out and that I would have my 90 day supply in about 2 weeks. Thats gonna be a problem as we only have enough to get us through the rest of this week. However, if I try to get them at CVS down the street I have to pay full cost for them because insurance is only going to cover them if they are mail ordered. After some screaming and yelling, I got them to put an "override" in the system so that we could get a 30 day supply at CVS to hold us over until the 90 day supply arrives.

Then we started to discuss the kids heartburn medicines that we also received letters about. Lily is on it for reflux, but Drew takes it because it neutralizes stomach acid so that the enzymes aren't broken down in his system before they do what they need to do. Drew's is refrigerated, and apparently compounded at Children's. So my options are to either switch medications to something that comes in a liquid form, or have the mail order place break it down for me from pill to powder and mix it myself at home. I'm annoyed because the stuff we get from Children's is so easy and convenient and I don't wanna switch meds and I also don't wanna add another step to my day! I finally agree to just call my doctor to discuss what the best option is. But then the discussion of how I'm going to get this before 2 weeks and I'm on hold again while the man on the other line tries to get override approval for this as well so I can get 1 more 30 day supply at Childrens.

Lily's meds are available, it will just take 2 weeks to get them. Hopefully we have enough to last us that long.

I'm just annoyed because the convenience of CVS and Children's being right at my fingertips is being taken away from me. I know mail order can be convenient, but TWO FREAKING WEEKS to get a prescription?! I am just going to need to be careful to recognize and remember when we're about 2 weeks from running out. Also equally annoying is that with the Creon, he takes a similar amount every day, but not always the same, and its regularly adjusted. So for example, right now, every time Drew has a bottle, he takes 2 pills of Creon. However, as he gets bigger and the calorie content or the quantity goes up, he may take 2 and a half pills or 3 pills with every bottle. The problem is that if the prescription is written for like 10 pills a day and we get enough for 90 days, when he starts to take more pills he will use up the supply, but when I go to reorder they will tell me that its to early to reorder. SO ANNOYING!

Another pain in my ass is that I have a Creon rebate card, where the manufacturer of Creon will refund you $50 every month for 12 months for your prescription, however the mail order pharmacy will not accept secondary insurance, which is what they consider this. My copay for the Creon is less than $50 for a 1 month supply through mail order, so I could get it for FREE if they accepted the card, but they don't accept it. They said I could call the manufacturer to see if they could issue the rebate. That sounds like a reasonable solution, if I didn't have 3 kids and 1000 things I was already managing to make sure that everyone stays happy and healthy. I'm just so annoyed.

When I hung up the phone with the man, who was actually very nice, I looked at the call timer and it was 1 hour and 23 minutes. SO ANNOYED!!! If there was no CF there would be none of this BS nonsense. So FUCF, FU.

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