Saturday, December 18, 2010

Sick & Tired

I'm pretty sure that I've started more than one post this way, but Drew's sick....again. Hopefully its nothing, but it always gets me nervous. He woke up this morning and just wasn't himself. Very lethargic and cranky, both things that he is typically not. He ate his bottle and then started coughing so hard he threw it back up. He lounged around, head on my shoulder all morning, and then went down for a nap. When I heard them wake up and went to get them, Drew didn't even want to pick up his head. He had a fever of 101.4 and sounded awful. I decided it was time to call the doctor. He's getting vaccines to protect him against RSV but I was fearful that thats what was/is going on. I spoke with the pulmonary doctor on call at the hospital and based on my assessment they feel that hes just got a virus. We're just going to keep a close eye on him and if breathing becomes quick or labored we're heading downtown. Ella was sick with it on Wednesday, and i'm not feeling to hot today. But its just different when someone with chronic lung troubles gets the same "cold". We gave him some tylenol and he slept the afternoon away, and woke up feeling much better. We'll see how he is when the tylenol wears off. We hope its just a virus, but there's always the worry that the virus that causes some extra mucus will turn into a bacterial infection. Luckily (I use that term loosely) he's already on antibiotics so hopefully they will ward off the bad until this "cold" passes. I guess we shall see.


  1. Ayla is dealing with one of those too! She woke up stuffy from her nap thursday. Got a script for Zithromax-probably gonna get that filled tonight since her cough is getting worse. I think even the healthiest of ppl are getting sick right now-so that's somewhat comforting..but im with ya! Always worryin!! Merry Christmas-maybe he will be better by then!

  2. I hope Ayla is feeling better soon too. I hate how much worry a simple cold causes with a CF kid. Hopefully they will both get over it and can enjoy their Christmas'!