Wednesday, August 17, 2011

On vacation until further notice

I've been absent from the blog for the past week or so. We are on vacation in Charleston and I spent last week packing and planning and this week enjoying the gorgeous weather, the beach, and the company. We got down here a lot quicker than we expected which was great. We still spent a night in a hotel just to get the kids out of the car and have a place to eat and get cleaned up before we could check into our house. And the house - there are 19 of us (not 22 as previously stated). There are 10 bedrooms and 7 or 8 bathrooms. The pool is almost always full of kids and adults and there is enough food here to feed a small army. Well, 19 of us anyway.

On Thursday of last week, the day before we left, Drew was doing a lot of coughing. He had just come off Azithromyacin and I thought he was getting better, but I started to get nervous with all the coughing that was going on. I got him steroids and, per the usual, they did the trick. There was one day down here, Monday or Tuesday, that he was sounding a little junky but we wrapped up the steroids last night and he's been sounding good. I feel like with 19 people in the house, germs are bound to spread. I just hope that we can make it through the rest of the week without incident and remain healthy for a couple more weeks before Ella starts preschool.

I'm not gonna lie, I thought the malacia would be better by this point in Drew's life. And maybe it is. Maybe it's the airway abnormalities that still cause him extra difficulty and inflammation when he gets sick. Or maybe this is just what CF is for us. I feel like we just got through winter and it's creeping back up on us again already. I'm hellbent on staying out of the hospital unless absolutely positively necessary. I guess we go in with a positive attitude and just play the hand we're dealt.

Our next clinic visit is at the end of the month. This is the longest we've gone without a visit. It's been two months since we've had a culture and had to wait and wonder what it was going to come back with. I think our new doctor will be credentialed by then and we will see her from now on. She's awesome (loved our old doc too, and frankly almost everyone we've worked with at the clinic) and it will be nice settling into just one doctor and nurse.

The small ones have all been put down for the night and it's game time for the grownups. Three more nights on vaca before we get back to the grind.

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