Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Anniversary Visit #2

Today we had Drew's 2yr anniversary visit at the CF Clinic. He had all of his labs drawn back in Feb when he had his surgery, so this appointment was more of a checkup since we'd had all of those results. Everything looks good! He's still in the 85th percentile for weight. The sinus surgery seems to have cleared him up nicely and everything looks open and clear. He's compliant with his breathing treatments and airway clearance so there wasn't much to discuss there. Overall they are very pleased with him and we hope to continue down that path.

Things around here are settling down a bit. New baby Jake is almost a 5 days old now and the other kids are warming up to him. We're surprisingly not really to tired. I think we are recalling the first days of the twins and how miserably tired we all were, so this is truly like a walk in the park. He's already sleeping for 4 hour stretches at night. I was blessed with excellent sleepers, all of the other sleeping through the night between 8-12 weeks (and by "through the night" I mean 10-12 hours) and I'm seriously hoping Jake follows suit. They have their fair share of other flaws but the sleep thing is a big score in my book.

We actually got out of the house today for a while. I dropped my parents and the girls off at storytime and Jake and I ran to Carters and made a quick stop at Starbucks (Martin had Drew at the doc). Later in the day, Ella and my mom and I went to Orange Leaf for a little girls afternoon treat. Tomorrow my parents are heading home and Martin's mom is coming for a few days. Its definitely nice to have the extra hands around to keep everyone entertained and happy. While it will be a transition once I'm on my own again after Easter, I'm hoping its a pretty easy one, with Jake just sliding into the mix.

I found a great post on another blog that I read that I thought I'd share. This guy is the one who spoke at our CF Education Day. He's usually got something good to say about the CF world and is a great blog to follow. Here's the post I liked - Major Needs in the CF Community. I agree most with the need for exposure to good stories, and I very much try to post the link to positive news about CF on my Doin' It For Drew Facebook Page.

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