Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Still no baby

We are 40 weeks and 3 days today and there is still no baby. My doctor will induce me at 41 weeks so the end is in sight. I think this kid hears the chaos of the outside world and has no desire to join us. Its just a theory.

While I wait, I'm working on rallying some support for our Great Strides Teams. This year we are walking in the following cities, and you can click on any of these sites to join Team Doin' It For Drew or to make a donation. The sooner you can register the better, as I'm working on ordering new t-shirts for our team this year. We are asking for a $5 donation for t-shirts this year in an effort to raise as much as possible for our team.

Last year we had a pretty good turnout at our Cincinnati walk, an awesome turnout at our Philly walk, and some good representation everywhere else. I'd love to make things bigger this year. I want to make Team Doin' It For Drew known and I need your support to do that. It was an awesome year for the CF community and I want to thank them for all that they've done and continue to do for kids like Drew by having an awesome fundraising year. Will you help?

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