Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Guess whose going to Disney!?!

That's right kids, pack your bags because we're taking this show on the road! Not for several months mind you. And yes, this was a very random decision. In my recent internet perusing, I was looking at some things about the the North American CF Conference. This year it just happens to be in Orlando, so I threw it out there that maybe we should/could turn it into a little family vacation and BOOM we are locked and loaded! The conference is October 11-13, so we are going to drive down the weekend before and spend a couple of days at Disney with the kids. My parents, who we tried to plan a vacation with this summer but it more or less fell apart, have gracious agreed/volunteered to come down with us for the second half of the week and watch the kids at our resort while we attend the conference. It would be to much to try to take them into Disney while we weren't there, but the resort we will be staying at seems to have plenty to do, and our townhouse even has its own pool! I'm so excited, both for Disney and the opportunity to go to the CF Conference. Registration for the conference doesn't even open until July! If anyone has suggestions and tip for taking 4 small kids to Disney I'd love to hear them.

Wanted to let everyone know about another little fundraiser we have going on right now too. If you like Tastefully Simple, place an order online and enter my name as the Host during checkout (Erin Moore) and 25% of your purchase will go to the CFF. I have such awesome friends who help me out with all kinds of great fundraising things like this!

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