Tuesday, October 23, 2012

I was asked to write up something for the newsletter for both our local CF clinic and the CF Foundation about our experience at the NACFC. I've sat down several times now to get something started and I draw a blank. Not on what went on at the conference, but what to tell people about. I guess I could list out all of the wonderful sessions we went to or pull out the highlights. I could go through my notes and lay out the questions that I had before I went in and all that I learned over those three days. I'm just having trouble doing it. Little bits and pieces come to me when I'm driving in the car or in the shower, but as soon as I open the computer I'm at a loss. I've got one week to get it together. Wish me luck!

Drew has started coughing a little bit again. It started last week when we got home from Disney. I assumed that he would probably pick something up down there, or in one of our rest stops along the way. I took him in for a Viral Panel and Respiratory Culture this weekend. The viral panel came back neg and we are still waiting on the culture results. Cue the anxiety. Hopefully its nothing. I'd love to see this kid just get a cold and get over it. He's not coughing a lot. There is no runny nose or sneezing or anything like that. But he's not eating again either, and that seems to indicate a problem. I guess we will just have to wait and see what the culture shows. Fingers crossed for nothing.

I might be the only mother in the country who hasn't got Halloween costumes for my kids yet. I have no clue what the twins will be, or Jake for that matter. In all likelihood, Jake will be asleep long before the kids even go out for candy. Ella wants to be Doc McStuffins from the Disney Channel. I bought her a lab coat and when she tried it on got all bent out of shape because it didn't look enough like Doc McStuffins coat on TV. She's a real treat lately :) I better get my act together, as we have a costume party to go to on Saturday!

This Friday night is Run Like Hell. We don't run, but do enjoy volunteering down there to see all the great adult costumes. Naturally, its 70 degrees here this week and the high on Friday is something like 45 with a great chance of rain, so that should be awesome. Its for a good cause ;)

Finally, in case you haven't had the chance to check this out - CF care habits are important for people to follow as they are striving to stay healthy. In a brief video at CF Livinghear from CF patients, caregivers and experts who share tips on treatment schedules, good eating habits and the importance of exercise. Its a pretty cool website all around. 

More to come on the conference, as soon as I lose this writers block!

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