Saturday, October 6, 2012

They made it right!

Well, I wrote the letter to CVS Caremark, posted it on Twitter, got a response from them apologizing for the trouble and asking for my contact info, had someone contact me, and got the medication in time for vacation. I was very pleased and impressed with their commitment to correcting this problem and ensuring customer satisfaction. And while I got everything that I needed for Drew to go on vacation, the bigger issue still remains. CVS Caremark is going to call me again next week once we return home to work out the overrides that I need for our other medicines and get everything sorted out for me. But why did it have to come to this? Why, for 9 months this year, did I have to spend hours on the phone explaining myself to customer service rep after customer service rep after manager after doctor and nurse and receptionist, etc., EVERY FREAKING MONTH! Why is there such a major disconnect between people who should be working together (doctor, patient, pharmacy, insurance). Taking the patient out of that group leaves everyone with nothing. So why not include us to figure out how to make it work for everyone?
I think that I am a rather outgoing and often outspoken person. As frustrating as all of these phone calls are, I am relentless until I get what I want (or a close-enough alternative). Many people do not feel empowered enough to do that. Many people simply don't have the time. There are a slew of reasons that other folks might not take the same steps that I do. And the sad part is that their kids suffer for it. But it's not their fault! I don't know whose fault it is really. I guess a little bit of all parties involved. When insurance companies create their policies and pharmacies create their policies and doctors write their prescriptions everyone should be working together to ensure that systems work. There shouldn't be these hiccups and kinks in the process. Maybe they don't realize it's happening. I'm certainly not mad at the person on the phone filling my prescriptions. I may take my frustrations out on them, but they are just doing their job. I don't know what the answer is. I'm happy that my problems were addressed and taken care of. I'd love it if it were a permanent fix, but alas, work will change insurance companies or policies at the current company will change or my file will go missing as it has before. I wish there was a way. I'm going to make this a priority with our Quality Improvement team as we transition off of our current initiative because I know that we are not the only ones who suffer these monthly headaches.
So thank you, CVS Caremark, for righting your wrong. I appreciate your timely help, as it will allow me to enjoy our vacation knowing that Drew has the medications he needs. And if you have interest in further collaboration, you know how to reach me!
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