Tuesday, November 23, 2010

More Antibiotics

We're back on antibiotics again. You're probably thinking "I didn't even realize you were off the last batch!" and you're right, they are kind of back to back. We had an appointment today and Drew sounds all kinds of junky again. There is a new theory that because of his small and floppy airways it may take more than just 2 weeks on antibiotics for everything to get cleared up and hacked out. So we're going to try 4 weeks on this antibiotic to see how that works out for us.

The Vest has been going okay. I will admit that hes a little on the small side for it. Not width wise, length wise. It bunches up around his neck which vibrates his head pretty good and doesn't allow him to control his neck well, so hes not a huge fan. If we try to pull it down while its running things go better, but its hard to hold onto because it shakes so much. Heres the link to a video I found on YouTube of a kid doing a Vest treatment. This kid looks like hes about two, but Drew's vest looks the same (except his is blue) and the treatment is done exactly the same way. I'll take a picture of him in it one of these days and post it. We just need a little more time to get the hang of it.


  1. Ugh! I know that the anti-biotics are frustrating! like we need another med to give our kids!! Ayla has been on a really strong one..and just b4 that a round of zithromax...Ayla didnt get her vest till she was 2...have you called them about the fit? They may want you to go back to manual if he's not getting a good pounding since the vest isn't fitting well..Anyways..I hope things get better- Happy Thanksgiving!!

  2. @Krista - Seriously about the antibiotics. And its either every 6 or 8 hours which means we always have to wake him up to give them to him. PITA!!
    Our RT said most kids don't get the vests till they are a little older but Drew measured big enough for it (19in. around). We had asked about it and I think we jumped the gun a little bit. Hes the youngest that our clinic has in a vest - the next closest is 10mo (he's 8 now) but they did say that most people wait until the kids are a little older. It seems to do the trick - he sounds great after we finish a treatment, but he just cries the whole time we're doing it because I think hes just not quite strong enough to hold himself up and still while hes being vibrated. We actually put him in the exersaucer with it on today and it helped a lot. We might have to switch back to CPT once or twice a day (we're doing airway clearance 3 times a day now since hes on antibiotics) just to make sure we beat all the junk out :)
    Hope all is well with Ayla! Happy Thanksgiving!