Saturday, November 27, 2010


I heard that when you post your 100th blog entry, it is supposed to be 100 things about you. Here goes!

1) I hate wearing shoes. You would never guess that from the number of shoes I own, but I'm barefoot 90% of the time.

2) I'm not a morning person. I can't wake up to an alarm clock (like literally, my brain mutes it out, I don't hear it going off.) I long for the day when I can sleep in again.

3) I love ice cream. Mostly vanilla. Actually, almost exclusively vanilla.

4) I have forgotten to feed the twins breakfast on more than one occasion.

5) I'm a total social networking junkie.

6) I miss living in Philadelphia. I like Cincinnati, but its never felt like home.

7) I've learned over the past several months who my real friends are.

8) I've considered trading in our queen size bed for two twins.

9) I am terrified of snakes.

10) I seriously think I have the cutest kids in the world. I know you all think you have the cutest kids in the world too, but I really seriously think mine are.

11) I love being a stay-at-home mom. I hate being called that though. I'm just a mom doing what a mom does (in my humble opinion).

12) I am a lousy housekeeper.

13) You will find General Hospital on my DVR.

14) I love baking.

15) I love my minivan.

16) I worry. I worried a lot before I had kids. I worry a lot more now that I have kids. I'm a worrier (thats why they call me whiskers. HA!)

17) A vanilla latte from Starbucks can make anything better

18) I was in the plays at my highschool all 4 years.

19) If I had it my way, my kids would be named Ella, Drew and Lily. For those unaware, their real names are Eleanor, Andrew and Liliane. I've considered a trip to the social security office to change them but don't think Martin would be to happy with that.

20) The only thing I really miss about pre-children life is fancy vacations. And the ability to be lazy on the weekend.

21) I've broken my legs more times than I can count. I broke them both at the same time once and was in a wheelchair. It was 1 week before my 21st birthday.

22) I can't whistle

23) I really really love my little family. I wish Drew didn't have CF, but other than that I wouldn't change a thing.

24) I'm not even a quarter of the way done this yet!

25) I love and appreciate both of our families more than they know.

26) Everyday you will find me in sweatpants and a t-shirt. And no socks or shoes. I only bother to get dressed if I have to go somewhere. I'm all about comfort over style.

27) I love the website Etsy

28) I can knit. Not well, but I can do it.

29) I do not like surprises. I like control.

30) I love surprising people

31) I wish I could record every moment of every day of my kids lifes so that I could have them at every age for eternity.

32) Every day gets better.

33) I have to admit that my teachers (and parents) were right when they said "Someday you will understand why its important to know this".

34) I have a lot of really great friends

35) I'm very brand loyal to ketchup (Heinz) and toilet paper (Scott). For everything else, the best price wins.

36) I wish I read more. I read a lot of blogs these days, but no books.

37) I wish I could call "Haulin' House" and have them move my house back to Pennsylvania. I think they have like a 3 mile limit. We blow that out of the water by like 550 miles. Oh well.

38) I also wish I had a free interior decorator and an unlimited budget. I think I have good ideas and this house has great potential.

39) I read a lot more blogs then I ever cared to. I never really did until I started mine, and I found some really fantastic blogs that I just love to read (like Enjoying The Small Things (make sure you click the "Start here if you're new" button), or MckMama just to name a few).

40) Ella calls Sleeping Beauty" Sleeping Nudey" and I haven't corrected her because I think its hysterical

41) I bought my minivan 6 months before I had my first kid. I love it.

42) My favorite mascara is Fiberwig. I love it. I found it in a magazine a few years ago and gave it a shot and its awesome. You should try it.

43) I use to love the fall the most, but now that I have kids and the fall brings fewer daylight hours, lots of runny noses, and weather to cold to go outside, I now love the spring (minus allergies).

44) I can't wait until my kids are a little older and I can take them to Disney World

45) I'm really excited about the carpet cleaner I'm getting for Christmas

46) I'm even more excited about seeing Ella on Christmas morning

47) I wish I had more time in my life to bake. I enjoy baking. Actually, I mostly enjoy people enjoying what I bake. Cooking on the other hand, I could do without

48) I secretly hope my parents will live forever

49) Gourmet Club is one of my favorite things to do every month. There's nothing gourmet about it, just a bunch of girls getting together for dinner at someones house, but its always a good time.

50) I have a ton of great friends.

51) The first wedding I was ever in, I was kind of the best man...or woman I guess.

52) If anyone has a hankering to buy me a gift, this is what I really want Love Touch Collection

53) I have a little photography business. I love that its little. I do what I want when I want.

54) For my honeymoon, we went on a 12 night Mediterranean cruise and it was seriously the most amazing trip of my life. I want to do it again someday.

55) I totally procrastinate.

56) I'm running out of things to write

57) I hope life turns out alright. So far so good (even with all the crap that went on in 2010)

58) It drives me nuts when people mispronounce things. Kroger has no S on the end of it. Across does not end with T. And there is no X in especially.

59) I am a Wheel Watcher. I have a Spin ID and every night hope they call it (except when the prize a trip to to like western NY. I wanna go to the tropics).

60) I prefer red wine to white. Except Cuvee Sauvage which is my all time favo wine.

61) Martin's dream car is a Cadillac. I just want a power hatch on my MV and I'll be happy.

62) I use to work for L'Oreal in Manhattan

63) I use bribery all the time with the kids

65) I skipped 64 because I couldn't think of anything to write. And its my blog so I'll do things my way

66) I'm a sleep talker and I never remember it. Martin has some funny stories though.

67) My all time favorite movie is....I don't think I have an all time favorite. I like the so-called "chic flicks". A good comedy also makes the top of the list. When Harry Met Sally is pretty high up there.

68) One of my favorite TV Shows of all time is the Wonder Years

69) I have terrible chronic back pain. I have some bulging discs, I have a tear in one of the discs. I get steroid epidural shots about every 6 months that use to help manage the pain, but they just don't do a whole lot for me anymore. I wish that would go away. I think I would generally really feel better all around if my back didn't always hurt so bad.

70) I know someone who does the crazy lights-to-music Christmas display and they live in San Diego

71) I knew the twins were a boy and a girl before they were born, but didn't tell anyone. I accidentally found out and was so bummed that we decided to keep it a secret. Having done it both ways now (finding out and being surprised), the delivery room surprise is a million times better.

72) I had to fill something out the other day and had to write "30". That's hard.

73) I'm not good with plants. I have a hard enough time trying to remember to feed children.

74) I floss pretty much everyday. I love the way it makes my teeth feel.

75) I'm not at all anxious for the twins to start walking. Frankly, when Ella had a broken leg and all 3 were immobile, life was kind of easy in a weird way

76) I'm a nail biter. I always have been. Its a nervous habit. I have a lot of them.

77) I would like to be a spokesperson for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and tell everyone our story.

78) I only wake up early for emergencies and good deals. Got a few good deals yesterday (black Friday)

79) I'm a coffee drinker. Cream only, no sugar.

80) I had two cats growing up and really bad asthma. I gave up the cats and my health improved dramatically. I'm terribly allergic to cats. And dogs.

81) I wish I could write a book of all the funny things Ella says

82) I love babies.

83) I don't drink enough water. I don't drink enough wine these days either.

84) I wish I had someone to do my hair every morning. I usually ends up in a ponytail because I'm to lazy to dry and style it.

85) I would like to have a little job working from home for a couple hours a day in the evenings, just for some extra $. Anyone?

86) I wish I had more time to blog. A lot of the blogs I read are sponsored and therefore the women must write x number of posts a day or week or whatever. I have no interest in being sponsored. I want to write what I want when I want. I just wish I had more time to because I kind of like it.

87) I had no clue how or why we landed in Cincinnati until Drew was born. Now I'm glad we are where we are, for now anyway

88) I'd like to buy the world a coke. Ok, I'm just running out of things to write about. But if I did buy the world a coke it would be diet and caffeine free.

89) I just donated a boatload of clothes to Goodwill. Its all stuff from my pre-kids days. I love it all and am sad to see it go, but the reality is I will never be that size again. Or if I am, it wouldn't be appropriate to dress like I'm headed out to the bars

90) I use to play volleyball and I enjoyed it quite a bit

91) I backpacked Europe with one of my best friends before we graduated from college. We had a ton of fun. (that's whose wedding I was the "best man" in)

92) I need a nap

93) I'm a pretty good negotiator. At least I like to think I am.

94) I've found some great music on Pandora

95) I went to Catholic school from grades 1 through college.

96) I'm glad we picked up Martin on the side of the street on our way to a bar 100 days before I graduated from college. I wouldn't be where I was today had we not made that stop!

97) I'm easily distracted

98) I'm usually happy

99) I'm always grateful

100) I'm doing the best I can


  1. i love it! i laughed a lot and was surprised at how many of those things i knew:)

  2. What a great list Erin! And I enjoyed being #70 on your least I hope it's me - do you know more crazy Christmas people in San Diego?? Enjoy the holidays; they go by too quickly!