Monday, November 8, 2010

Ruling Overturned

I'm pleased to announce that after many hours on the phone with the insurance company, nurses and doctors, insurance has overturned their decision and they have now approved the Synagis shot for Drew. I'm so glad that he will be able to get this and so are his doctors. Hopefully we can get it scheduled soon to avoid any risks.

Daylight saving was not good to our family. On Sunday the kids were up really early, and then opted out of naps for the entire day. To be fair, I don't think it was just the time change - they both have teeth coming in too.

Later this week we are getting together with another family that has a son with CF (he's 28) to prepare our speech for the Celebrity Waiters event. I have no idea what to expect but I'm looking forward to it. The event isn't until the 16th and I'll definitely post an update once its over.

Drew is on antibiotics again. Hes had a lingering junkie sound for a couple weeks now. Rather than have us in for a culture, they decided to treat him and save us the trip. I have to admit its not making much of a difference. Its been about a week and he still sounds pretty much the same. I think its just that he got a cold and the little extra mucus is getting hung up on his floppy trachea (malacia) and making it sound like he still has a cold when really its nothing more than a sound. That said, I'm happy we're on the antibiotics because we all know that extra CF mucus hanging out in the lungs almost certainly breeds bacteria, and we don't want any bacteria. To reiterate what I've said many times, the antibiotics won't cure the cold, its viral, but it will kill any bacteria that decides to move in.

It gets dark to early these days. We hardly got out of the house when the weather was nice for the past 8 months, so I'm totally dreading the next say 5. There are weeks when I'm sure we won't go anywhere, and those are the weeks when I'll want to pull my hair out. But there will also be days like today where we don't go anywhere but have a great time hanging out together and make all of the crappy times worthwhile.

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