Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Omni something

We're still on antibiotics. We just switched though to something different since the one we were on for the past two weeks didn't seem to do anything. I think I mentioned it before, but they are starting to feel like a longer course of antibiotics would be more effective for Drew because the malacia really seems to make this cold-like sound linger for quite some time. He was on something back at the end of October for 2 weeks. We finished that and about 4 days later got put on something new. He had started to sound better, than without the ab for 4 days seemed to get worse. So we got back on another antibiotic, the one we just ended yesterday, but this time nothing seems to be changing. Rather than taking a break, we're going to continue with a new antibiotic called omni something or another that apparently covers a wider range of bacteria. When they culture him he shows very few staph, but for whatever reason we can't seem to clear him up. And the great debate continues - whether this is just malacia sounds or whether its malacia combined with an infection. I guess we'll see how the next two weeks go.

I've told a lot of people who don't see him often and ask how hes doing that if you were to just look at him you wouldn't know a thing was wrong. Now, if you hear him, you're pretty sure he's about to croak. He's doing great. I asked the CF nurse the other day on the phone if I was being naive to think that hes actually really doing pretty good, and she said not at all. She said that most of whats been going on is all complicated by the CF but its not typical CF presentation. Hes gaining great weight and we're monitoring his lung health so closely that if he were to catch anything bad we would know right away. The name of the game with CF is prevention prevention prevention. And we're on it.

Life has been pretty boring otherwise. We're finally into our groove with the vest. We actually got a wrap that looks like a giant blood pressure cuff instead of the vest because the vest was a little to big (and I admitted that we probably jumped the gun a little trying to get into a vest so young). But its working great and we're happy with the saved time. Hopefully we have an uneventful next few weeks in terms of the CF. We're ready for a doctor-free Christmas and New Year!


  1. Omnicef? Francie had to go on that when she had an allergic reaction to Zithromax. That's supposed to kill everything (hence the "omni" part, I guess). Hopefully it works!

  2. GO drew-Way to hang in there on the vest!! Hope the rx works and you have a "uneventful" rest of 2010!! Health and hapiness to you and yours