Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Plan

Things change so quickly. On Monday we got a clean bill of health from the CF docs. Drew was just starting to get the cold that the rest of us have and sounded atrocious, but his lungs were clear. Now, 3 days later, hes retracting when he breaths, pulling in around his ribs and his nostrils are constantly flaring. Hes coughing so much to no avail. I took a video of him and sent it to his docs so that they could see his obvious breathing distress and we finally heard back with a plan...

All of his cultures came back clean which is great. So more likely than not what he's got is a virus. Its not a CF related thing, but his weird small lungs (which I promise to post pictures of and better explain soon) aren't able to handle the attack. Since he seems to be getting worse, there is concern that some bacteria is starting to grow. We're starting him on antibiotics again today (he was off for almost 36 whole hours!!). If he gets worse - doesn't want to eat, seems to be in true distress, only wants to sleep - we go to the hospital to get admitted for IV antibiotics. If he has not changed by Tuesday we go to the hospital to get admitted for IV antibiotics. If he gets better (please pray he gets better) then we are home free. I would love to not have to get admitted at all, but if we do have to I hope that its not until after Christmas. Will keep the blog up to date on his status.

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