Saturday, January 22, 2011

All quiet on the homefront

I've been challenged lately. We're getting close to Drew (and Lily's) first birthday and I'm thinking about all that we have to celebrate. The Great Strides Fundraiser is about to begin and I'm thinking about how I can get the most out of it. I'm tired of being stuck inside and have been trying to get creative with things to do inside that don't require tons of time to set up or clean up.

I spend WAY to much time online doing absolutely nothing. Okay, that's not exactly true. I do a lot of "research". I read a lot about CF and have been focused lately on fundraising ideas. I've been inspired by one of my favorite bloggers - Kelle Hampton - as her daughter just turned one and she raised nearly $100,000 for the NDSS. I wish I could make that happen for Drew. The thing is, since I started this blog, I've had 8,820 unique visitors. If every person that visited my site and read about us, about Drew, about CF were able to donate just $5, we'd be halfway there. I think people get embarrassed or ashamed that they can't donate a large amount. But small bits add up! And hey, don't let me stop you at $5. By all means, if you feel so inclined to donate your tax return... . I like to think that I'm creative and that I'm motivated (in some ways more than others). I want to be the next Susan G. Komen. I want to be a mom who had a great idea and was able to change the world for my kid and a lot of other people. I guess that's something we all want deep down, right?

I'm going to make a hard push in a couple of weeks. I've got t-shirts made and will be offering them to anyone who donates or raises more than a certain amount. Additionally, they'll be available for purchase with all proceeds going straight to the CFF. I'm going to ask people to help; to help us with a donation, to help us with support by walking, to help us by spreading the word. If Drew has touched your life in any way (and if you've been here before, I know he has), I'm going to ask for your help. Please know how grateful I am. I can't even express it in words because it's just a feeling. I'm grateful for all that everyone has done for us this past year and I continue to be grateful everyday for good health, good doctors and good friends. He's my baby. He's a total mama's boy and I embrace it. And he needs your help.

Okay, this isn't the fundraising post so I'll stop with that and save it for when the actual fundraising begins. Martin is going out of town tomorrow morning and won't be back until Monday night. It should prove an interesting few days here. I'm so over being stuck inside. I think i'm most excited that by springtime, both kids will (should) be walking and I can leave the house. Don't think I haven't thought about the challenges that 3 walking kids will bring when there's only 1 of me to chase after them. I'm ready for it though so bring it on.

All three are sound asleep right now, so i'm going to make some coffee, close my eyes, and enjoy the peace that is all quite in my house.

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