Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Sick kids are making me CRAZY!! I was back at the doctor again today with Lily. For those of you who haven't been following lately, I was at the doctor last Tuesday and Thursday with Ella who had pneumonia, and then Sunday and just this morning again with Lily who had/has croup and may or may not have RSV now. She sounds atrocious. There is so much snot and whining and crying going on in this house that I'm ready to pull my hair out.

I am tired of everyone not feeling well. Its hard, I'm not gonna lie. When I told Ella this morning that we needed to get dressed to take Lily back to the doctor she had a damn meltdown. Like taking off her clothes and running naked through the house kicking and screaming because she didn't want to go. Can't say I blame her. We've spent WAY to much time there lately, and I beg her to sit nicely in a really hot 8x8 room full of 3 unhappy kids and bribe her with candy canes and trips to McDonalds if she is a good girl. She inevitably has to go potty as soon as the doctor [that we've so patiently been waiting for for an hour] walks in the door. Its not fair to the doctor or to me that I can't even hardly listen to what he has to say because I can't keep my children under control. But what is my other choice? I have had so much help and support from our friends, but I can't send my sick kids to their houses to get their kids sick. And Martin's work has been great as far as flexibility, but I'm sure we're toeing the line, if we have't already officially crossed it, on taking time off for a doctors appointments and the like.

Between remembering medication times and amounts and calling doctors to follow up and schedule appointments and wiping noses and teary eyes and feeding and changing and hugging and playing, I am officially worn out. A great friend surprised us with dinner tonight which was a Godsend. Ella had the garlic butter that came with the breadsticks and that was about it. I didn't have the energy for a fight. I hope everyone gets out of the funk they're in soon because mama bear can't take much more of this.

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