Monday, February 7, 2011

It'll Happen

Its no wonder Drew isn't really crawling yet. I'm not terribly concerned about it, but I wish he was. He's getting frustrated that the girls get all the toys they want and he just has to sit there and yell until someone pays him enough attention to get him whatever he's yelling for. If we could just let him be, I'm certain that he'd be exactly where Lily is and i'd be complaining about having to run in three different directions instead of just 2. But I can't just let him be. Let me tell you what our days have looked like since probably about October. Everyone wakes up around 8am. We eat breakfast and bottles until 8:30. At that time, Sesame Street gets turned on and Drew gets all set up for his breathing treatments and morning airway clearance. This goes on until about 10, especially now that we are on Tobi which you aren't supposed to give until the airway clearance and all other meds are complete. 10am is naptime. If things go well, the babies wake up between 11:30-noon and eat lunch & bottles. This takes us until about 12:30. After a solid half hour of "play", its time for afternoon airway clearance and breathing treatments. These don't take quite as long because there are fewer meds. Naptime again from 2-4, this time for Ella too. I have about 2 hours to clean up from breakfast and lunch, and get in 1 other activity (today, blogging) before someone is up and ready for a bottle. From 4-6 there is nothing scheduled. Okay, let me rephrase. The only thing scheduled is "play" time with Drew where I try to build up some of his strength by helping him to stand behind a ball or go from sitting to standing or laying to sitting. He doesn't love it, but he needs to learn how to do it. And if I always baby him and do it for him, he'll never learn. So we work on it. Around 6pm, when Martin gets home from work, its time for dinner which I've either made during naptime or am pulling out of the fridge and reheating from the night before. At 6:30, Martin takes the girls to play and its time for Drew's evening breathing treatments and airway clearance. If we don't start by 6:30 there's no chance of being fed and in bed by 8. As long as the treatments are done by 7:30, we can get bottles and meds ready and administered, baths given if someone is smelling a little funky, and 3 little people all tucked in for a good nights sleep.

I know I've posted this story before. Its a fairly tight schedule, especially when he's "sick" and they want us to do the breathing treatments and airway clearance 3-4 times a day vs. the standard 2. We've been doing it 3 times a day since October, going up to 4 or more when he is really sick and not breathing well. We're hoping that with the end of the cold and flu season approaching that we'll be able to get back to 2 times a day. I don't know what we'll do with all of our free time!

So that, in my opinion is why Drew is not physically at the same level as Lily is. During all of that time that he is stuck sitting here hooked up to all of these machines, Lily is crawling and walking and climbing and playing with everything under the sun. He'll get there, I know he will. But right now, its kind of nice that I always know that I'll find him right where I left him :)

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