Sunday, February 13, 2011

This and That

The twins are 11mo. old tomorrow. ELEVEN MONTHS OLD! I mean I know time flies when you're having fun, but this is ridiculous. I feel like I blinked and it just happened. This was officially the fastest year of my life. They are still my babies, but they're going to be 1 in just one short month, and I can't believe it.

I had a really nice weekend. My parents were in town which allowed me some time to get out, run errands, drink a little more wine than I should without fearing the 7am wakeup call. I got out of the house by myself on Friday, with Martin on Saturday, and with the whole family on Sunday. The weather was a lot nicer than it has been and it gave that glimmer of hope that, despite all signs pointing to it, this winter isn't actually going to last forever.

We're about a week and a half into our fight against pseudomonas and I like to think we're winning. Drew is starting to sound a little better. He sure doesn't like the Tobi one bit, as it takes 30+ minutes to administer AFTER he completes the other 45min of breathing treatments and airway clearance. It puts a wrench in our plans some days when we want to try to get out of the house. Hopefully we won't be on it forever, so we're dealing. Lily has an ear infection now and is on antibiotics too. I swear that our insurance is investigating ways to boot us legally.

Great Strides fundraising is going well. There was a wave at the beginning which had me elated. I've put lots of energy behind this and am doing a few new things at a time. I have a few online sponsors now who I will announce at the beginning of March who are willing to donate a portion of their sales to Drew and Great Strides. I'm very excited about that. I'm also about to launch my mailing campaign. I'm realistically hoping for a 10% response rate this year, though I don't want to limit that. I secretly hope its 100%!

Its supposed to be 60 here on Friday. I'm trying to talk Martin into taking the day off and going to the zoo with me and the kids. He has off next Monday for Presidents Day so it would make for a great long weekend for our family.

That's all I have for tonight. Still love seeing donations and support for our team, so if you're interested in watching our video again or making a donation, its as easy as clicking right HERE.

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