Monday, February 28, 2011

Random things

We got some great news on Friday. The culture they did at our visit last Monday came back showing nothing. NOTHING! No pseudomonas. No staph. No strep pneumonae. Nada. I'll take it! If I'm being honest, its not the greatest news in the world, because he is still on antibiotics, so the culture could have been skewed by that. However, what it does tell us is that the antibiotics that he is on are doings what they are supposed to be doing and nothing new and funky is growing in his precious little lungs.

He still doesn't sound great and that something that drives me nuts when we go out in public (which, I might add, is rare). He just breathes really loud, like hes got a giant frog in his throat. People look and give you a little frown and step away simultaneously as if to say "That poor baby" and "Dear Lord I hope my kids don't catch whatever he's got!". I feel obliged to defend him but I often find myself biting my tongue so that I don't break into the whole "He's got CF, its a blah blah blah blah blah..." because they don't really get it, or care.

I just got ANOTHER online sponsor willing to donate 40% of sales to CF and I'll be updating all of that info tonight, as the deals all begin on March 1. On an unrelated note, in 14 days I will have two 1yr olds. HOLY CRAP!!!!

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