Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Yard sale success

We had a yard sale this weekend to raise more money for CF. It was seriously humongous. Neighbors and friends donated things for almost a month, filling our garage and leaving us with a ton of stuff to sort through and price out. Friday night, around 8pm, we set out to tackle to piles of junk and after about 2 hours decided to call it a night. By call it a night I mean stop organizing for the early morning sale and drink some tasty beers with my neighbors. Well, about 3 hours and 6-8 beers later, we really called it a night, realizing that we'd be up in 5 hours to finish our sorting and get the yard sale underway. Let me just tell you that I fully acknowledge that the decisions made on Friday night were poor ones. But we pulled through and got up with the alarm clock at 6am. The yard sale was all pulled together by about 7:30 and with several cups of coffee under my belt we were ready to go. Just after noon, we had raised about $600. I posted a curb alert on craigslist and a few more people trickled in, giving small donations. By 1 pm everything was gone and we were up $615. That's $615 more for Cystic Fibrosis my friends! Thanks to all who donated and all who participated to make our final 2011 Great Strides fundraiser a success.

I haven't had to much worthwhile to post about lately. We've been keeping super busy with play dates, lots of time poolside in the backyard, and even more time spent applying sunscreen for said time poolside. We're taking our longest stretch without seeing the CF doctors. I think its typical to see those doctors every 3 months, but with all the other fun stuff that complicates Drew, we go once a month. At the last appointment, we decided that we would go 6-8 weeks. [Knock on wood] we haven't had to make any sick visits since the last well check.

I'm still waiting on our grand total of money raised for this years Great Strides team. Hopefully within the next few weeks the numbers will be finalized and I can wrap things up. Many thanks again to all who supported us, and I hope we can continue to count on your support!

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