Sunday, June 5, 2011

Reds game FAIL

I feel like I haven't had a minute of downtime in the past several months. We were so busy with our fundraising for so long and then the walk just came up so quickly and now that summer has arrived and the kids are itching to get outside, I'm always running in one direction or another and when I do get the chance to sit down at about 9pm I'm just to tired to function. We've been keeping busy with trips to the splash park and other parks, lunches with friends, lots of pool time in the backyard. I might as well tar and feather the kids because that's what it's like when they are all greased up with sunscreen and then stuck outside to roll around in schmuck. Every night is bath night these days.

We took a family trip to the Reds game yesterday. It very well might have been the #1 least pleasurable experience of my life. It was 97 degrees and we had to park blocks away from the stadium. We didn't get there until almost the 5th inning and we were gone by the 7th. We were seated 3 rows from the sun and had only bought 2 tickets. The place was damn near sold out so we were three kids and 2 adults sweating profusely in 2 small stadium seats. We had to take the stroller because there's no other way to transport the twins, but we checked it at guest services. The hike up the the nosebleed section was not easy. We took snacks and drinks with us but it didn't do the trick for anyone. Next time (said loosely) I would definitely buy 5 tickets and wouldn't go anytime after probably early May. I love so much when the 5 of us get out and do things together because it doesn't happen often, but this wasn't exactly the picture of a good time. Oh well, lesson learned.

Drew has another ear infection. I guess the first one never really went away. It takes him longer to clear secretions in general so an ear infection is really no different. We're trying Omnicef now. The girls both have summer colds so I'm hoping that if Drew catches what they've got that he can deal with it just like anyone else deals with a virus because he's already on antibiotics which should eliminate the possibility of the funk turning into bacteria and landing us on even more meds. I guess we'll see.

I'm working on our "plan" for vacation this summer. We are driving to Charleston, South Carolina and I need to make sure that I have all the appropriate meds and equipment and contact information and the scoop on local resources, should we need any of it. We aren't going until August, but it will be Drew's first big trip and time away from home and I wanna make sure that it's enjoyable and easy and if I have a plan and my ducks in a row we should be good.

Thats about all we've got going on around here these days. Nothing to exciting, and I'm okay with that.

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