Monday, June 27, 2011

Keeping busy

I've been keeping myself pretty busy the past couple of weeks. We had family in town last week, and now we are in PA for about 10 days just visiting friends and family. Not much is new. The final results on Drew's cultures came back negative for pseudomonas so that was awesome. He did end up on steroids again last weekend for difficulty breathing, but we're pinning that on inflammation and malacia and not on bacteria, based on the good culture results. He recovered just fine.

Ella turns 3 on Wednesday and I just can't believe it. We had a little party for her at home, and we'll have another little one here on Wednesday. The twins had their 15mo. checkup last week and 3 of their 4 ears had infections. The doctor told me that a lot of kids with CF ended up getting tubes at some point because the thick mucus their bodies produces makes it hard for infections to drain appropriately from the sinuses. (that was from the pediatrician, not the CF docs) Drew has had the same infection for about 5 weeks now. It gets better and but never seems to really go away and then comes back with a vengeance a few days after the antibiotic end. We just finished up Azithromyacin and are hoping that we finally got it. I guess we'll see in a week when we go back for a follow up check!

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