Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Clinic Visit

We had our monthly visit yesterday with the CF clinic. Well, it had actually been about 6 weeks, the longest we'd gone without seeing those guys since we met them. Lily's been sick for the past two weeks so whatever she had seemed to be making it's way to Drew, so I was glad that we had the appointment when we did. Unfortunately when I got there I learned that our doc had to leave early for a family emergency, so I was going to see someone random. I'm fine with this if it's for a sick appointment, but for a well appointment, for someone to see him who doesn't know him and know what he sounds like and know and trust my assessment, it's never the most productive visit.

As it turned out, the doctor who I saw was the one who gave us the official diagnosis of CF back in the NICU a little over a year ago. He remembered me. He was a nice enough guy, but it rubbed me the wrong way a little when he was explaining Drew's malacia to me, as if I hadn't been dealing with it since birth and was way more familiar with his sound and anatomical abnormality than he would ever be. He thought everything looked and sounded alright, and decided not to treat things until e get the culture back. I guess we'll see. My fingers are crossed that the pseudomonas is gone, but it wouldn't be a total surprise if it shows up.

We're about to start some summer vacations in the next week or so. My mom is coming out next week for the week to both visit and provide childcare because the Yankees will be in town and we've got tickets to all 3 games. Then she will be driving with me and the kids back to PA until after the 4th. I'm hoping to make some plans to meet friends for lunches or dinners or drinks or whatever. I'm sure the week will just fly by. Martin is flying out at some point to join us and make the drive back home. After that, Ella has a couple of summer camps and then we're driving to Charleston, SC for a Moore family vacation. I hear it's hot in Charleston, yet I picked August to go. Hopefully the company of cousins will keep the kids happy and the pool and the ocean will keep us all cool.

I haven't posted out final numbers yet from the walks because we're not 100% totaled up, but I will soon. It was a great year overall, and I'm already planning to top it next year!

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