Monday, August 9, 2010

Big Day Tomorrow...and the next day

Drew has his bronchoscopy tomorrow. We need to be at the hospital by 9 for the procedure at 10. They will knock him out and intubate. I'm just so ready for a break. For some weeks or months without a trip to the doctor or a hospital stay. We're hoping that hes got malacia. We will know when the surgery is over whether or not thats what it is. If its not malacia then there is some other underlying problem likely somehow related to the CF that is causing him make the atrocious sound he makes (imagine having a terrible cold and a giant frog in your not being able to clear it. Thats what he sounds like). I'm not going to speculate. I'm just hoping for malacia. I'll update tomorrow.

In other news, Ella is being a champ with her broken leg. We get the cast on Wednesday. I'll be happy once thats on and the poor little leg is secure in a hard place, and the fear of knocking it into a gate or bumping it when shes sitting in the high chair (it sticks mostly straight out when shes sitting) is lessened. She has her moments of frustration, as any 2 yr old whose lost all of her freedom to roam would. I only have experience with 1 two year old, but she never really sat and played with one thing or in one spot for any real length of time, maybe 15min max. So now, the situation is pretty much the same, only when shes done in the spot shes in someone has to move her. And when her snack or baby doll or whatever falls off of the couch she calls for help. Or when shes coloring and drops a marker, she calls for help. Its taxing! I can't be mad at her though. Its not her fault. I joined Netflix to get some new movies to watch (we saw 15min. of Finding Nemo today). I'm just hoping when we see the Orthopedic doc to get the cast on Wednesday he tells us that its only a couple more weeks. Lord, if its gonna be 6mo. I might have 2 more on the move before she gets the cast off!

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  1. You have def got your hands full, praying for speedy recovery for all of the kiddies and good restuls from Drew's test..