Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Things Could Be Worse

A few weeks ago, my dad took one of our cars home and left his here (they'd been putting a TON of miles on their car driving back and forth all the time). While he had it, he cleaned it! And while cleaning it, he found under the seat a little book (maybe 2x4 inches) that on the front says "To help you keep looking on the bright side, here's a little book of some things that could be worse...". He had figured that Martin had given it to me, or me to him, but neither of us has ANY idea where it came from. Its a little worn, appearing as though it'd been there for a while. But seriously, where did it come from? And could it have fallen upon us at a more perfect time? Its simply designed to make you laugh a little but its cute. Here's some of the "things that could be worse"...
  • Your butt could fall off (not sure why I found that so funny but I laughed out loud)
  • You could permanently itch
  • You could have no friends, no bladder control and no sense of humor
It was a nice little gift from wherever it came from and it came at just the right time. The stress of Drew's impending procedure is weighing on me. I'm tired, just really really tired. Tired of waiting. Tired of worrying. Tired of wondering when life is going to be normal for him. I'm hopeful that it will come. I'm hopeful that once all of these other stupid little problems are fixed he will be just the normal little boy we hope for him to be. I try to be optimistic, but its hard when it seems all you hear is bad news all the time. I just hope we can get this all sorted out.

My mom is leaving on Friday. I (and Martin sincerely agrees) would move her in permanently if I could. Ella adores her and she has been so wonderful to have around all summer. Ella breaking her leg kept her around for an extra week, but shes got to go back to school next Wednesday so we've kept her as long as we could. I wish we lived closer. I wish we lived closer to both families. Their help and support has been invaluable over the past 5 months. I've written about this before as its such a struggle between being so close to such world-class care for Drew and being so far away from family. I'm hoping that we can get this nonsense with Drew under control enough that we can move at some point. The reality is that we will go and do whatever we have to do, wherever we have to, for as long as we have to, to keep our kids as healthy and happy as possible.

I asked Ella what she wanted to do with Gaga before she left and she said make cookies, go to the zoo, get ice cream, play with guys, play play-doh (and pretty much everything else that we've done all summer long). She has no idea what it means that Gaga is leaving. I'm pretty sure she thinks she lives here. When Martin's mom was here, she thought she lived upstairs and just came down to do dishes. Its funny how kids perceive things. She's going to miss her though, that I know. I am too.

I'm off to do a few things with my freedom and free, trustworthy babysitter for these last few days before she leaves (doctor appointments, haircuts, quick trips and errands). After Friday and until this cast comes off of Ella's leg, the 4 of us will be stuck in the house until daddy gets home from work. I had bought a Joovy stroller for 3 a couple of weeks ago but hated it so much (it weighed 1000lbs and was impossible to maneuver) so I sold it...the day before Ella broke her leg. So I have no practical way to transport all 3, so until Sept.3 (day the cast comes off and hopefully stays off), you can come visit me, but you probably won't catch me out and about (not that I've been out and about for the past several months!).

Things could be worse, just remember things could be worse :)

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