Saturday, August 7, 2010

I Could Write a Book

Ella broke her leg. Yup! Non-weight bearing, foot to hip cast for 4-6 weeks. What's more fun than 2 babies who can't walk? Three! Especially when one of them is a two year old.

It was a simple freak accident. She was at the splash park and slipped and fell down and screamed bloody murder. I really thought she had just twisted it, but after a few hours and her unwillingness to put any weight on it, we decided a trip to urgent care was probably our best option. Poor girl was so tired and in so much pain. We had to restrain her for some x-rays but as soon as they took the first of 4 and then told us they didn't need any more, we knew.

They called it a "Toddler Fracture" and said its incredibly common. Toddlers bones aren't as hard as adults, and the doctor said that this happens to tons of kids, typically from jumping off a couch or a bed or something...or apparently slipping at the splash park. They put her in a splint for a day or two until the swelling goes down, then they will replace it with a cast. It will, in all likelihood, be one that can't get wet, though they did say there's a chance. It was a "clean" break so there's no need for manipulation to get the bone back in place - its already in place, just needs to grow back together.

Martin and I had decided yesterday morning that we were going to go out for dinner since we hadn't been since the twins were born, and my mom is only here for another week. That plan seemed unlikely to materialize as we sat in urgent care. I have to give props to the Urgent Care facility, as we arrived just after 6:30 and were back home by 8. So we got Ella all setlled and put to bed, did Drew's breathing treatment and got him into bed, and we decided that we were still going to go out. We only made it to a near-by chain (Outback), but we had some beers and some food and a good laugh about our life before we came home and crashed.

Ella woke up at quarter of 6 this morning. She can't walk. She can't jump out of bed to get a book to read until we come to get her. She can't get her toys to play with. We're gonna spend a lot of time watching movies or just sitting in one spot and playing. The nurse asked, before we left, if we had any questions and I said "What the hell do you do with a 2yr old who can't move for 6 weeks and she said you get creative. I went in to see her and she said "Ella can't move. Ella fell down and leg is broken". Poor thing. (and yes, she always talks in the 3rd person).

You just can't make this stuff up. It seems that once we finally have things under control, we take 2 steps back. I must have done something really terrible at some point in my life that I can't remember that I'm now paying for. Oh well, I love it all and wouldn't trade it for the world. We just have to keep moving forward.

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