Saturday, August 21, 2010

A few random ramblings

There's a website that a friend of mine has used for a while now that I just recently started to utilize and its called ebates and if you shop online then its totally for you.

Ebates is a website that rewards you with cash-back for shopping through their website. Its kind of like credit card points, only its cash. There is really no catch (honest!). There are over 1200 reputable retailers (Gap, Babies-R-Us,, Home Depot, some airlines, etc etc etc). If you shop online, you simply go to and search for the retailer you are looking for. For example, the other day I wanted to buy diapers. I went to and I looked for on ebates site and once I found it its listed that they offer up to 5% cash back for shopping through their site. So from the ebates site I clicked on the link for and it took me to where I made my purchase. A percentage of my purchase is then credited back to my ebates account automatically. Every 4 months I get a check in the mail for the total of my rewards. It is that simple.

If you buy wedding or shower gifts online, you can do it through ebates. If you buy airline tickets, you can do it through ebates. If you buy diapers, you can do it through ebates. Pretty much all major retailers are listed on ebates and you get cash back for shopping them. And the best part is there is absolutely no work from you necessary. If you shop online, you simply start at and the rest is automatic. They don't take your credit card info. They don't charge you anything. They are simply a vehicle for shopping your favorite stores and they pay you for using them. Its real, its legit, and I just wanted to share.

To sign up or just check it out, follow this link- - its my referral link. If you sign up and you actually use ebates 1 time to make a purchase, you get $5 put into your account and I get $5 put into mine. Once a quarter you will get a check (like a for real legit check) in the mail. Just saying, if you shop online it really seems silly not to use this site.

Next, I miss my mom.

Next, I seriously cannot believe how fast these kids are growing up. Last night was our first night sans Miracle Blanket (if you don't know about it, you should) and it went surprisingly well. Laid back Drew just stretched out on his back and fell fast asleep. Lily fussed a little bit here and there, mostly when trying to fall asleep, but they slept all night so I consider it a success. Both kids eat rice cereal now - Lily better than Drew. The both roll and are working on sitting. The both talk and talk and talk. They are seriously both absolutely adorable (i'll post some new pix soon - our computer died so I'm using a makeshift).

Ella doesn't look like a baby anymore. Shes getting so tall and is so funny to listen to. She tells us the funniest things. For example, yesterday we went to visit Martin at work for lunch. On the way home, in an attempt to keep her awake, we were talking away. She asked if we could go back and visit daddy sometime. I told her that sometime we could but that daddy is busy at work and I asked her what she thinks he does all day. She thought about it for a minute and then said "Probably draws rainbows all day". I said probably.

Next, I hope this fall I can do some of the things that I've been missing...such as having friends over for dinner or drinks, making it to Gourmet Club, getting back to the east coast for my cousin's wedding and to visit our families and friends back east. I really hope we can do some of this.

Finally, I miss my mom.

That's all that's on my mind right now. More later.


  1. Erin - LOVE the new pic of Drew on the website...what a cutie! He makes me smile whenever I see it. Love your blog, thank you for sharing so much - the CF info, and your thoughts. Some days, there is SO much info - can't believe how you can take it all in. Cherish the "normal" moments..they may be few and far between for now, but they will get you thru the tough to all.

  2. You know my husband and his points, he is ALL OVER E-bates. I always forget to use it.