Monday, September 6, 2010

The Big Day is Here

I'm not sure why i'm still up and writing this, seeing as though we need to be out of the house by 5:45 tomorrow morning. Prior to our departure, we have 2 babies to feed, 30 minutes of breathing treatments to perform, 30 minutes of CPT to get done, breakfast to eat and coffee to drink. I think we'll be waking up sometime in the 4am hour of the day. I, frankly, don't even like the 7:00 hour. By about 8am I'm okay, but I'm really not a morning person.

I'm sure tomorrow will go fine. Its never easy giving your baby to a stranger and kissing him "see you later". The hand off is scheduled for 7:30. They said that it will probably be about an hour before the actual surgery starts as they have to knock him out, get 2 IV's run (a regular one and one in an artery to monitor blood pressure very closely since they are working so closely with his heart), place an epidural so that his entire mid-section is numb, and put him on a ventilator. Once all of that is done they will do the procedure which they estimate will take 1-2 hours. Then, depending on where they take him, either to recovery before he goes to the floor, or to ICU if they want to monitor him a little more closely because of the breathing issues that have been going on, we should be able to see him within an hour of completion.

I'll try to post a quick note on here at some point tomorrow but its going to be a crazy day. I'll definitely update Facebook when hes out. Please send all happy thoughts and prayers and all other good wishes our way tomorrow that this is a success. Its about time something starts going Drew's way!

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