Thursday, September 9, 2010


That's right, we're out of the hospital and back at home! It was a big surprise to us too as we were expecting a two week run of IV antibiotics. Instead, we got a 4-5 week course of oral antibiotics. Let me explain.

When Drew had his surgery on Tuesday, they did a culture of the mucus they found in his lungs and it was positive for staph. They decided that trying to eradicate all of the bacteria was the best thing we could do for it, essentially give him a fresh start. They decided that on Friday morning he would get a PICC line (a special IV) that would be used to administer the antibiotics for the 2 week course. On Thursday morning, the doctors came around for rounds and they said that overnight they were able to test the bacteria's sensitivity to a number of antibiotics and that it was not resistant to anything, therefore we could treat this orally and it would be just as affective. They want to save the really strong IV antibiotics for when they really need them. And just like that, they signed the discharge paperwork and sent us on our way! (okay well really it took a couple of hours like it always does, but you get the point).

The antibiotics need to be administered every 8 hours around the clock, pretty strictly. In about 3 weeks we will go back to the hospital for an outpatient bronchoscopy so that they can get another mucus sample and make sure that the bacteria is gone, along with the majority of the mucus. They will also take a look to see how the trachea looks a few weeks post surgery. It had opened up significantly immediately after the surgery, but they are hoping that over time as his cartilage strengthens it will grow to an even better shape.

You seriously would not even know that this kid had surgery just 4 days ago. He's happy as can be and sounds like a new person. I was looking at some pictures that I had taken just the day before the surgery and poor Drew looked so sick. His face was all red and puffy and his eyes tired from the incessant coughing day and night. Since the surgery he sounds better, looks better and is acting better. He is like a new person! I'm so very happy at what a huge success this procedure was. It was a scary one. They're all scary, but this one dealt with two major parts of the body, his trachea and his heart. I'm just so very happy that it all went the way it did and more importantly the outcome. Just so elated!

Here's what else we have going on. Ella got her cast off about a week ago and is starting to get back to walking around like she use to. She kind of looks like an old man, limping around, but missing her walker. Every day it gets better and we realize how nice it was to have her contained by a non-weight bearing cast for a few weeks :) She started preschool last week as well and just loved it. She has such an outgoing and friendly personality and she just loved meeting and playing with the other kids, and talks all about the teachers and everything she learned. I'm happy that we decided to send her this year. Its good for her to get out of the house and have some
stimulation and interaction with other kids her age two mornings a week, and its nice for me to have 2 hours of time with just the twins. While I'm still a bit of a nervous wreck about the germs shes inevitably going to bring home, I'm glad that we stuck with our decision and sent her.

Lily is a rolling fool. You can't take your eyes off of her for 2 seconds. She rolled all the way across the porch this afternoon back to the doorway inside. Her demeanor has improved dramatically, and she is no longer the screaming demon for most hours of the day. Shes got a laugh that could make you smile on your very worst day and her eyes truly twinkle when she grins her huge Lily grin. I think shes gonna be a mama's girl. I'm okay with that :)

We got a new computer. The jerk who "fixed" our sound broke our network card so our old computer was rendered useless. This is my first time with the new machine. So far I'm pleased.

My dad has been here helping us out for the past week while Drew was in the hospital. He leaves tomorrow and its back to just me and the three. Its definitely nice when we have an extra set of hands in the house, just to play with a kid, feed someone a bottle, fold a load of laundry, or any of the other things that go on here in a day.

I'm looking forward to the fall and hopefully finding our grove...finally. I hope that this is the end of the nonsense with Drew for a while. It sure seems like this last week may have changed his life for the better. God willing, with all of the new treatments and therapies out there for CF, he can lead a healthy and happy life just like his sisters.

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