Thursday, September 23, 2010

Poop vs Gas

Its hard for a 2yr old to understand. She hears some gas and goes around smelling to see who pooped. She once insisted that daddy needed a diaper change.

I think its fair to say we're officially potty training. Wearing big girl panties and all. And we haven't peed in them once in the past 2 days! We still diaper for naps and bed, but the days are going better. Except that we spend WAY to much time on the potty for gas, or "little poopies" as Ella likes to call them. She'll stop dead in her tracks, and yell at the top of her lungs "POOPIES ARE COMING!!!" and off we run. We aren't wearing any pants these days, just to make things a little easier because from the time she says shes gotta go until the time she actually goes is a very very short time. But we make it. Whenever the poopies are coming we rush in there, plop down on the potty, pull out a magazine (usually This Old House or Cooks Illustrated) and we hear some gas. "Oh, its just little poopies". Are you done honey? (we aren't allowed to watch her and must either close our eyes or leave the bathroom). "Nope, more poopies are coming". She may or may not pee, she washes her hands quite thoroughly, and promptly asks for her M&M (I'm not above bribery). She knows when she has to go, she just doesn't yet know whats gonna come out when she gets there. I think [read:hope] we may be nearing the end of diapering. (knock on wood!)

Another funny Ella moment I had today was at lunch. She asked for peanut butter crackers. Easy! Peanut butter on saltines. Simple as it sounds. So I make her 3 peanut butter cracker sandwiches and put them on her plate. She gives them a good look before picking one up for a bite. "Hmm, these don't taste quite right". Wha?! "I think something's missing". Its peanut butter on saltines. I assure you nothing is missing. These were made exactly the same way I always make them. "No mommy, something is missing. They just aren't quite right." And with that she pushed them away and had a peach for lunch. I love her.

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