Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Nothing Important

Its been a busy couple of days! This past weekend my parents and sister were in town. We hauled out to Lebanon on Saturday for Applefest. YUM! The weather was perfect and there was a ton of great stuff to see and do and eat. Martin & my dad stayed home with the babies. Later that afternoon we geared up for our big night out sans kids. My sister and Martin and I went to Go Bananas Comedy Club to see Mike Birbiglia. He's a favo comedian and he certainly didn't disappoint. We were drinking beers and laughing away. A good time was had by all. On Sunday I was able to attend a baby shower for a dear friend. She has an incredible family and awesome friends and I had a great time (despite being every so slightly hungover from the night before).

My folks left on Sunday and Martin's sister & family from Oakland, CA arrived. Ruby told me that she wished Ella was her sister. They got along famously, and Otis just bopped around minding his own business, looking for something to play with here and there. We had plans to go to the park on Monday but the rain forced us indoors. We made the best of it by grabbing lunch at Chik-Fil-A and enjoyed their indoor playset. The 5 of us and the 4 of the Davies made for a pretty big lunch crowd but it was good times. We relaxed for the afternoon and then Martin's sister made us dinner. It was definitely a nice afternoon!

The Davies packed up and headed out this afternoon after a quick trip to the park. The girls were definitely disappointed to have to leave one another but hopefully we can find some time to get together again soon.

Wednesday was picture day at Ella's preschool. I can't wait to see how these turn out! It will actually be her first photo that was taken by someone other than me! She really seems to be enjoying school. I haven't seen a ton of artwork or anything but thats because there is an art show at the end of October that they are holding everything for.

Drew and Lily are doing well. Drew said "dada" the other day but won't say it again. Both kids are on the move, rolling everywhere to get whatever they want. And I thought things were tricky with two stationary kids! Drew can't shake the cold he got a couple of weeks ago. Hes got another bronchoscopy this coming Tuesday and if things don't look good they will stick him back in the hospital for IV antibiotics. This stinkin' malacia is causing more harm than it should. He shouldn't have to get put on antibiotics every time he gets a cold, but because of his inability to clear his lungs the way he needs to, things start to grow down there. The surgery made a huge improvement, but there's still the floppy trachea. Hopefully that will get stronger every day and before we know it we will be in the clear. Fingers crossed.

That's all I've got for now. I hope to post some more later. Schedules over the past week or so haven't permitted much free time, but I'm working on getting back into a routine.

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