Friday, October 8, 2010


Sorry for the delay in update. After 4 days, I finally found a few minutes where I'm not dealing with anything.

Drew was admitted back into the hospital Wednesday afternoon because he'd been vomiting since Friday. They were concerned that he may become dehydrated. After lots of tests Wednesday and Thursday they found nothing. He's perfectly hydrated, no signs of a virus or infection of any kind. They did an Upper GI study where they have him drink something called barium which is like a dye that shows up on xray and then they take pictures every so often for a few hours to follow it through his entire digestive system. It showed that everything was perfectly normal. An ultrasound showed no twisted or distended bowel. Everything has come back 100% perfectly normal, yet he continues to projectile vomit. We had his surgeon who did his bowel surgeries take a look at the tests and agrees that there are no issues with anything. The mystery remains why he throws up everytime he eats anything (yes, even soy formula was tried). We are supposed to meet with a GI specialist sometime today. They think that each day that this continues it is less likely that its just a bug. They worry about him losing weight or getting dehydrated so we're feeding him a lot and constantly monitoring his weight and output. He's perfectly happy, which makes things even stranger. He shows zero signs of being sick at all. He's smiling, sleeping fine, acting hungry, playing with toys. Its so bizarre! After we talk with the GI docs we should know what, if any, other tests they want to do, or if they think this can be managed outpatient. It doesn't look like we'll be going home today, or maybe not even this weekend, but who knows. Hopefully someone can put their finger on what the problem is, or it just goes away. I don't need an explantion. It would be nice, but it would be nice if it just stopped too. That's all I've got right now. I'll update when I can but have had very very little free time so bear with me.

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