Thursday, October 21, 2010

Philly or Bust

We made it! I consider 10 hours in the car and only 2 stops a huge success. There was very little crying and whining either! We made the trip yesterday from Cincinnati to Philadelphia for my cousin's wedding this weekend. The packing was actually more stressful than the trip. When we got here at 10:30pm though no one wanted to go back to sleep. Finally by about 1:30am the house was quiet...until about just before 6am when Ella needed to find Squirt (the cat). The twins are on a bit of a crazy schedule today but everyone is in bed now (8:15pm) and hopefully tomorrow will be back into the swing.

Sorry my posts have been kind of lame lately. I'll get back into it. I'm just enjoying crazy life with everyone at home, and now this next 6 days our first real trip with the twins. Hopefully the rest of our visit goes as smoothly as the past two days, and I'll be sure to post some more when we get back!

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