Saturday, October 16, 2010

Thanks for understanding

Things on the homefront have settled down some. We came home from the hospital on Tuesday evening, concluding our 1 week stay in A6N. I'm glad we were able to come home. I'm glad the puking stopped. I kind of had hoped for a better answer as to why it was happening lest it happen again, but I'm relieved that they couldn't find anything serious. We're finally back to full feeds, thats 8oz of 20cal formula about 4 times a day. There hasn't been any projectile vomiting yet. We have some appointments next week with the CF Clinic and the GI Specialist who we saw in the hospital. Hopefully we get the all clear and can start feeding Drew fruits and veggies again. The poor kid lunged mouth open at my granola bar yesterday - he's hungry. Whatever the problem was, it seems to be over, but we don't want to rush back into anything, taking our return to normalcy one step at a time.

My cousin is getting married next weekend and we're hoping to make it back to PA for that. Prior to the whole vomiting extravaganza, I had some anxiety about the actual trip - are we going to all survive 10 hours in the car?? Now, I'm more anxious about the logistics of keeping Drew healthy for the 5-7 days that we will be 500+ miles away from his doctors. The list of meds and equipment I have to bring is ever growing.

The last time we were in PA was Thanksgiving of '09, so almost a whole year. There are a ton of friends that we want to see and a lot of other people who are anxious to meet the twins. I'm so nervous about this. Our friends here have gotten use to the drill - wash/sanitize your hands upon entering our house, and kindly don't touch the babies. Its hard. I'm guilty of doing it to others! When you see a baby, its hard not to reach out and touch it, whether you know the kid or not. With Ella, I didn't really mind it to much when people would reach out to grab her hand or touch her cheek, but things are different now. The more people handling the babies, the greater the chances are that they will pick up a cold or something and then our lives are turned upside down with endless trips to the doctors and the fear of a hospital stay. I really do try to keep things as normal as possible. I don't want people to be afraid of us, I just want people to be respectful of us and our concerns. We want the twins to meet you as much as you want to meet them, but please understand if we ask you not to touch them. Again, think what you want of me, but its my life and I need to do what I think is best.

Hopefully we get the all clear on Tuesday and can make some plans to see some of our friends who we haven't seen in ages. We haven't even told many people we're planning to come back east because we don't have anything set in stone, but once we get the all clear we'll definitely try to find some time to see all of our friends and family who we haven't seen in what seems like forever. And if we can't make it this time, we will definitely plan another trip soon!

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