Tuesday, September 11, 2012

CF: Adapting to CF Normal.

I mentioned the other night the new website www.cfliving.com that came to my attention through my call with Genentech. I wanted to share a very cool new piece from their site called CF: Adapting to CF Normal. Feeling normal while living with CF can sometimes seem hard, but seeing how others manage CF and live their lives may help inspire you. Check out these people with CF as they share how they define their normal with CF at http://bit.ly/IkJzI7 :
· America’s Got Talent finalists, Ali and Christina Christensen
· Ronnie Sharpe, CF patient, author of RunSickBoyRun.com and co-founder of CysticLife.org
· Isa Stenzel Byrnes, CF patient, social worker and co-author ofThe Power of Two: A Twin Triumph of Cystic Fibrosis
· Somer Love, an adult with CF and author of the blog, Love to Breathe

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