Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Well Rested

School started on Tuesday. Ella is going to a different preschool this year because the one we were going to before was just to far away and the schedule for 4yr olds just didn't jive with the napping schedule around here. She was a little anxious at first but when it came time to go, she readily hopped into the car and away we went. Shes not one to say much about how her day went, but she seemed to have a good time and went back today without much of a fight so I think we are good. The ol' napping schedule might have to be adjusted a little though. Poor Jake slept in today so didn't go down until late for his morning nap. I had to wake him up to take Ella to school and then he wasn't ready to go back down until it was almost time to go get her. I had to wake the other two up too, which is pretty much against everything I stand for. In my head I imagine my days going something like this: Wake up around 8, hang out and play nicely until lunchtime, take Ella to school, put everyone down for naps, enjoy my free time, everyone wakes up and we go pick up Ella. I have yet to experience that, but its only day 2 so I'll hold on to hope.

I have no idea what we are going to do once we have school for real. Next year when Ella is in kindergarten and Drew & Lily are in preschool, we will need to be at school at something like 8am. I kid you not that it is rare that we even wake up before 8am. My kids have many shortcomings, but they are the best darn sleepers. If we have to be at school at 8, that will mean waking up at something like 6 or 6:30 (I know, like the rest of the world) to get everyone dressed and fed and all of Drew's treatments done. As none of us are what you would call "morning people", I imagine that being a stressful part of the day. I have a year to figure all of that out. And enjoy my sleep.

This Friday is my call with Genetech. I'm definitely excited to talk to them and see what they want to talk to me about. I'm anxious for the opportunity to spread the word about the C3N project too and see what they think about that.

I also need to get planning for our Oktoberfest: Drinking for Drew fundraiser that is coming up on the 15th. We are hoping that its bigger than last year. Last year was a ton of fun. If you're in town we would love to have you!

Now I need to go to bed. I know I sleep until 8am. I also go to bed at 10pm. I'm well rested. Perhaps that's why I have so much energy!

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