Sunday, May 9, 2010

Damn you ostomy bag!

Martin and I went out for dinner last night. Theres a nice little place just at the bottom of our street that we had never been to. Both of my parents were in town, and Martin's mom was still here, so we figured that 3 grandparents could hold down the fort for an hour or two while we went out.

Its been a while. Pre-twins, I was very (VERY) pregnant and probably would not have fit in most booths. There were some take-out nights, but our evenings mostly went something like this: Martin gets home from work, Erin puts feet up and watches the Wheel to see if they call my Spin ID (believe it or not, i'm still in my 20's despite sounding like a senior citizen) until Ella goes to bed at around 8, Erin follows. I had the bed to myself as well! Martin moved to the guest room at around 30 weeks. Pregnant Erin gets up about once an hour to use the bathroom, and Martin, who is a light sleeper, wanted more sleep. So he packed up his pillows and moved down the hall. Fine with me!

On Saturday, March 13, we went to the hospital for the excavation. After about 24 hours of contractions, out came the babies. Luckily the epidural had worked, so there was minimal discomfort until forecepts were introduced in the ER, but we (said loosely) did it without c-section so I was happy. The next 24hrs were exhausting, as they are with any new babies, but we had no idea how tired we would be or how little we would get to see one another for the next month. Drew was taken to Children's, and Martin didn't spend another night at home until April 14th, the night Drew came home.

Oh happy day!! Drew is home! Oh no, where will Martin sleep now?! His mom, who has been staying with us since the arrival, has set up shop in the guest room. Does this mean hes going to be returning to MY bed?! Its so spacious, so comfortable, no middle-of-the-night fights over who has to many covers! But there were no other options.

We still didn't see much of each other. I went to bed after my feedings at around 8pm. Martin had the 12 & 1 shift and didn't usually go to bed until after that. In the morning, I was usually feeding Lily while he took care of Drew before leaving for work. We'd see each other briefly at dinner before he went to entertain Ella and I began the process of preparing for the next night. And so went the cycle.

Drew's been home for a month now and things have improved. Its not quite so chaotic anymore. We still can't really do much in terms of planning, but we are more prepared to handle the unexpected.

So both sets of grandparents (minus Grandpa Moore) are in town this weekend and we decided to take the opportunity to spend some time with one another over dinner and some drinks. At 6:00 we started to get ready. The restaurant is literally about 200ft. away, and our reservation was for 7:15. At about 7:14 we ran through the back yard and down the hill to make it time. We underestimated just how long it would take to prepare the family for an hour without us. Mixing bottles, measuring out meds, doing CPT (Chest Physiotherapy). But we made it. And it was good.

The food was great. The wine was better. The company and conversation was perfect. We needed a night out, to get to know one another again. We had appetizers at the beginning and dessert at the end. Then the phone rang. Drew's bag is leaking. DAMN YOU OSTOMY BAG!!!! At least we were done. We had the check at our table and it would only take 5 minutes to walk back up the hill (okay it took 10 to go up the hill...its a lot bigger on the way up). We really did have a wonderful evening, and we really cannot wait until the stupid bag is gone and we can do it again!

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