Saturday, May 1, 2010

Oh, God!

Ella is of the age of imitation. We have recently learned what words and phrases we use most by listening to what she has to say. When Grandpa was in town, he used the phrase "Holy Mackerel " which Ella repeated for a few days at choice points in conversation. The other day she was looking for her shoes and I told her they were by the front door, to which she responded "Oh, right". She was standing over Drew in the bouncy seat the this morning shoving a pacifier into his mouth going "Open mouth, homeboy". But Meme, (what she calls Martin's mom) takes the cake for most repeated statement. I was telling her about something that one of the doctors had told us and she said "Oh, God!". Now, when you tell Ella that its time for a bath she says "Oh God, oh God!". Or when you tell her that we need to come inside to eat lunch she says "Oh God, oh God!". Or when she can't find one of her "people" she says "Oh God, oh God!". Its a good thing that over the past year and a half we have modified our language and shes not running around saying "Oh sh*t!"

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