Saturday, May 1, 2010

No I don't want to look at pictures of poop, but thanks anyway

So we went to the Sixty-Five Roses Clinic last week where we meet with the doctor, a nurse, a dietician/nutritionist, a social worker, and a number of other people. The dietician spent a fair amount of time looking for pictures that she had of dirty diapers. Poop is very important in the world of CF. We have to be able to identify when there is too much fat in the poo, indicating that his enzymes would need to be increased to help his pancreas hold onto that fat that he needs so that he continues to grow and gain weight.

Lucky for us, she was unable to find the pictures. I'll go ahead and trust my instincts. When the poo looks odd I'll just go ahead and give them a call and let them decide.

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